Stress Free Christmas Shipping


Grand Aire


It’s that time of year again, believe it or not. The Holiday season has begun and for some, so has Christmas shopping. When shopping for Christmas gifts you do not want to forget your out-of-town loved ones. The out of sight out of mind philosophy does not apply here. Because they are out of town, in order for them to receive their package from you, you can either personally deliver it to them or ship it to them; Most will chose to do the latter. Just as Christmas shopping can be hectic and busy, holiday shipping can be the same. You do not want to be stressed out trying to get presents to their destination on time, so Grand Aire would like to give you some tips to follow in order to make the process seamless and stress free!

Shipping Deadlines

Be aware of shipping deadlines in order to get your presents to their destination on time. Plan ahead and make sure you have your package dropped off or ordered in time. You do not want to wait until the last minute to find out that you will not be able to get your package to its destination in time for Christmas. Do not wait until the day of the deadline to ship. Believe it or not, an aircraft or courier could be overbooked with packages or delayed from weather, so always be sure to be prepared.

To help you further, we have included a site that has listed the most popular shipping companies’ holiday deadlines.


Use a reputable company

When shipping your packages you always want to use a reputable company to do it. This would be a time where you should spend a little more money to get better service. Always use a service that offers tracking and it would be best to use a service that offers insurance on your package. Around the holiday time, getting insurance on your package is the smart thing to do because you never know what could happen to your package when everyone is in a hurry.


Proper Packaging

Always use proper packaging, especially around the holiday season. When there are thousands of packages that need to be delivered, things can get thrown around and damaged pretty easily. To be safe, always use a box never an envelope or just paper. A box will be your safest bet when making sure nothing inside gets damaged. If you are shipping something that is fragile, make sure to wrap it up with bubble wrap or use Styrofoam peanuts. Be sure to also use accurate dimensions for your package. You could run into a lot of problems if you guess on the dimensions and they are way off.


These are just a few easy and simple things that you can do to save yourself a lot of stress this holiday season. Christmas time should be a time of relaxation and peace. Shipping a package should not interfere with this and it should be an easy task to check off your list.

Here at Grand Aire we have a lot of experience with shipping and know how busy the holiday season can get. These are proven tactics we have used for years that we hope you can use as well. For further details visit our website at or call us at anytime at 800-70-GRAND.