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When it comes to Air Charter, Grand Aire is a true global leader. Whether you are looking to move material or passengers, we are the experts to contact.


Grand Aire's Air Freight team of experts will provide customized transportation solutions to meet your needs.


Our 24/7/365 fully staffed FBO is committed to provide the highest level of ground services.

Air Charter Services

We’re now simply known as Grand Aire, Inc., but our commitment to customer service remains and sets us apart from our competitors as it always has. It has also been the basis for steady growth throughout the years, as thousands of logistics professionals have come to rely on Grand Aire to move their freight and passengers around the world. A skilled group of loyal employees at the Swanton, Ohio headquarters makes it all happen every day – they are some of the most creative and experienced professionals in the business.

Exceptional service doesn’t just happen spontaneously. It is created by a dedicated team of professionals who have a passion for crafting the best experience possible for their clients. To experience the Grand Aire difference, contact us at 800-704-7263 today!

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