Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trip Tracker?

Trip Tracker is a web-based service for air charter customers to track the progress of their charter in real time. Trip Tracker features include graphical flight tracking, a complete communication log and the ability to send messages directly to the flight coordinator running your charter. There is no software to install and no additional charge to use the service. To learn more about Trip Tracker contact Grand Aire at 800-70-GRAND (800-704-7263).

Customers can register to use Trip Tracker by calling us at 800-70-GRAND (800-704-7263) and ask to speak to the Charter Operations Manager.

What is AireBuy?

AireBuy is an Internet Bidding system that allows registered carriers to bid on trips. To learn more about AireBuy please contact Grand Aire’s Charter Operations Division at 800-704-7263.

Certified Part 135 and Part 121 aircraft operators can register to use AireBuy by clicking on the New User button, filling out and submitting the carrier information form. Once this form has been submitted you will be given additional instructions. If you have any questions or problems, please call us at 800-704-7263, Option #2.

How long would it take to get an aircraft in the air?

With Grand Aire’s exclusive Aire Buy system, we put out a notice out to all available aircraft as soon as we receive your request. We will typically have several options for you within fifteen minutes. When you say ‘GO’ a flight crew is on its way to the airport within minutes and the plane can be ready for takeoff in as little as an hour.

Can you do door-to-door service or will I need to make arrangements to get the parts to the airport?

We have an extensive network of pre-qualified expedited trucks that we work with at airports around the world. Depending on your need, Grand Aire will quote you door-to-door, airport to door, door to airport or airport to airport. You tell us what you want and we deliver!

Does Grand Aire have charter aircraft on the West Coast?

With one of the largest networks of passenger and cargo charter aircraft available, we can get you an aircraft anywhere in the world! So whether you want to fly the family to the islands for the weekend or move ten tons of auto parts out of Asia, we have an aircraft nearby.

Does Grand Aire do medical flights?

Yes! We have long history and a lot of experience providing emergency air transportation for surgical teams, patient transports and human organ and tissues. When you need a jet, prop or helicopter, call us 24/7 for a fast and free quote.

Are your aircraft safe to fly?

Safety is always the #1 priority in aviation. All of the charter aircraft we use are regularly maintained and inspected to exceed FAA standards. The flight crews undergo rigorous recurrent training in the aircraft they fly.

For all passenger charter flights, we always require two certified pilots in the cockpit. Whenever possible, we select passenger aircraft and crews which have achieved an additional level of certification by one of two third party organizations; ARGUS or Wyvern. All of the aircraft we fly are safe with only the best flight crews at the control.

Additionally, as part of Grand Aire’s strict ISO procedures, we maintain records on each aircraft including air certificates and insurance coverage. Following each flight, our Air & Ground Logistics Team rates the performance. This “report card” goes into a cumulative score. If a crew or aircraft drops below acceptable levels, they are banned from future flights.

I have a small box of parts that needs to get to our assembly plant. Do I need to charter an entire plane?

Most air charters require the customer to book the entire aircraft. However, our flight coordinators might be able to arrange a courier transport or ‘next flight out’ option for you. If the need time is too critical for one of those options, we will get you the best available aircraft to do the job.

If you have additional questions regarding our quality services, contact Grand Aire today. Call 800-704-7263 and speak to one of our friendly customer representatives.