Staying Healthy While Flying

Staying Healthy While Flying

If you are considering a vacation or traveling for business it is important to stay healthy while away. We are writing to you this month to address a few myths and facts related to staying healthy while flying. Below are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.


Sanitize Your Hands

You should always remember to add hand sanitizer to your carry on. Washing your hands in the sink is only good for washing away bacteria and dirt that is on your hands, whereas alcohol based hand sanitizer will kill the bacteria and viruses on your hands. Skip the bathroom sink and instead use the hand sanitizer you brought with you. Always be sure to use hand sanitizer before touching your face or eating. There is no way to know that the objects you are touching are not infected with some type of germ or bacteria. Play it safe by using hand sanitizer.

Drink Water

When flying, humidity levels are lower, so it is important to stay hydrated. Steer away from drinking coffee or anything caffeinated before or on the flight as this will further dehydrate you. Also, avoid drinking alcohol while flying. At high altitudes, oxygen flow becomes lessened making it easier for alcohol to affect you. A tip to staying hydrated is to consume more water. You may consider packing an empty water bottle with you in your carry-on. Once you are through security you can fill the bottle with water instead of having to buy an overpriced bottle of water in the airport.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Surfaces on an airplane are often touched. Usually, flight attendants are too busy to take extra steps to wipe down the aircraft, so these surfaces are a popular place for bacteria to reside. When flying, always be sure to bring a pack of sanitation wipes with at least 60% alcohol in them. You can use these to wipe down surfaces that you may touch during your flight, such as the folding tray table, seat belt buckle, and your seat/armrests.

Air Circulation

There is a very common misconception that the air in an airplane is recycled and filled with germs. An aircraft has a very unique and specific air circulation system. Air in the cabin is combined with fresh outside air and circulated throughout the aircraft. If you are sitting far enough away from someone who appears to be sick, you are most likely not going to contract the same illness, as a result of this innovative system. Keep your overhead vent open to help with air circulation.


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