Should You Fly Private?


Flying Private


When traveling via air for business or pleasure, both cost and timing are important factors we all consider. For business, if you plan to fly commercial you may lose valuable time in airports rather than being productive in your work. Flying privately, however, enables you to manage your time more wisely. This in effect will reduce time spent traveling, which allows for a more productive day.  Here are just a few advantages of flying private.



When traveling commercially it may be difficult to have certain conversations related to business due to the nature of the topic or due to the chaos that may surround you. However, on a private flight you have the luxury of complete privacy making business discussions stress-free. It is much easier to place a business call, conduct a meeting with colleagues, or work on your laptop without distractions.


Saving Time

When running a business time is money, therefore, how you spend your time is most important. Commercial flying tends to lead to an overall longer travel experience. Parking and busy lots, clearing security, and dealing with delays related to weather or connecting flights all play a role.  Choosing to fly private greatly reduces extra time needed for all pre-flight organization. Flying private is all about you and your schedule. It also reduces the need to overnight, as many private flights can turn a two day trip into a one day business venture.



Flying private is the most convenient way to travel. Smaller aircraft and airports that may be closer to your destination can be utilized, allowing for a more personalized experience. Avoiding larger, congested airports will also save time both in the air and on the ground.


For your business travel needs, considering private air charter may seem like a big step and out of budget. If you would be interested in learning more about private air charter, Grand Aire is available to offer free quotes 24/7/365. We also provide numerous other amenities for you and your team to enjoy.