Grand Aire FBO Gets a Well-Deserved Facelift

In August 2022, Grand Aire embarked on a substantial, yet exciting venture.  Years in the making, this project was sure to bring unexpected headaches.  Nonetheless, it would also knowingly be worth it in the end. 

Out with the Old/Iconic FBOOriginal receptionist desk from Grand Aire's FBO office

Upon securing the services of Zimmerman Building Company, the task of bringing Grand Aire’s existing FBO into the 21st century began.  Almond brown walls that once divided up the original 14,000+ square foot facility have now been demolished, expanding the space to 17,000+ square feet.  Classic laminate flooring and countertops have been removed.  The traditional receptionist desk, with its black facing and burgundy molding, now gone.

While the extensive renovation is taking place, it’s business as usual as Grand Aire operates from a large, comfortable temporary office located just outside the current FBO entrance.  Designated on-site customer parking is readily available, as well as easy access to the ramp area.  Despite the hustle and bustle of the construction crews and contractors present each day, Grand Aire continues to deliver the same top quality of service 24/7/365, as well as a continued high level of security.

Grand Aire's new lounging area under constructionIn with the New/Modern FBO

Previous visitors to Grand Aire’s FBO won’t even recognize it today.  What was once a modest-size waiting room has been transformed into a spacious, contemporary lounging area with sizeable windows that offer panoramic views of the ramp.  Guests may now look forward to easily watching aircraft land and take off as they sip a complimentary cup of coffee or bottled water.        

Visible immediately through the redesigned glass entranceway with sensor activated doors, is the client service center.  This is “command central” of the FBO.  Customer Service Representatives utilize this area to assist guests in any way possible.  This includes processing inbound aircraft forms, securing rental cars, relaying fuel requests to the Line Service Technicians, arranging aircraft catering if needed, and much more.     

To the right of the client service center, the narrow galley kitchen of the old FBO has been replaced with a roomy, professionally designed snacking lounge.  It comes complete with customary kitchen appliances, vending options, extra seating, and a big screen TV. 

For pilots and crew members, a separate crew lounge has been added and will be outfitted with a gaming table and its own TV for entertainment.  Two individual sleeping quarters have been constructed, plus an upgraded weather briefing office. 

An office, lounge and kitchen combo area has been created for the Grand Aire Line Staff, with direct access to both the ramp and the hangar. 

The large conference room, which has been relocated to the northeast corner of the FBO, is tastefully decorated with new carpet, furniture and improved lighting.  Additional meeting areas have also been incorporated into the FBO area to offer privacy for groups of 6 or less. 

Moving Forward into 2023Original hallway and sitting room in Grand Aire's FBO office

Grand Aire’s new FBO is expected to be fully operational by February 1st.  Of course, saying goodbye is never easy.  Not so much for the vintage décor of the original FBO, but more so for the nostalgia of the numerous people who have passed through its doors since opening at KTOL in 1999. 

The many memories made over the past 23 years, however, have not been wiped out with the former walls and carpet.  They remain in the structure that houses the business known as Grand Aire, as well as with its employees and many aviation professionals all around the globe.

A Grand FBO at KTOL

If your air travels bring you to the Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport, we’d be happy to assist you.  Grand Aire continues to operate the only 24/7/365 full-service FBO on the field at KTOL, without interruption.  All aircraft and passenger services are available, just as they have been through the entire renovation project.  Give us a call at 1-800-70-GRAND.  You may also email our team directly at