Argus & Wyvern Ratings: What do they mean?

Argus & Wyvern Ratings: What do they mean?

When chartering a private jet you want to make sure that it is safe. Safety is always a priority, especially in the aviation industry. In the charter aviation industry, Argus and Wyvern safety ratings are a must. Anytime you are dealing with an aviation broker, you want to make sure that they are Argus or Wyvern approved. Here at Grand Aire, we always make it a priority to provide our customers with the safest flight options.

“Safety is always the #1 priority in aviation. All of the charter aircraft we use are regularly maintained and inspected to exceed FAA standards. The flight crews undergo rigorous recurrent training in the aircraft they fly.

For all passenger charter flights, we always require two certified pilots in the cockpit. Whenever possible, we select passenger aircraft and crews which have achieved an additional level of certification by one of two third party organizations; ARGUS or Wyvern. All of the aircraft we fly are safe with only the best flight crews at the control.

Additionally, as part of Grand Aire’s strict ISO procedures, we maintain records on each aircraft including air certificates and insurance coverage. Following each flight, our Air & Ground Logistics Team rates the performance. This “report card” goes into a cumulative score. If a crew or aircraft drops below acceptable levels, they are banned from future flights.”

Argus Rating 

When it comes to Argus or ARG/US (Aviation Research Group/US) ratings, there are three different levels:

  • Gold Rating- The Gold Rating is the next level up from not qualifying. This rating is the combining of past information on the operator’s commercial certificate, pilots, and aircraft. This information is then compared to others with similar situations to see if that particular operator qualifies to receive the Gold Rating. 
  • Gold Plus Rating- This status is given to all operators who have achieved the Gold Rating and have also completed an on-site safety audit or maintain an IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) registration.
  • Platinum Rating- This is the highest level of Argus ratings. To be awarded the Platinum Rating the operator must be experienced and meet the criteria for Gold Rating along with passing the Argus Platinum on-site safety audit. The operators must also have an excellent Safety Management System and an Emergency Response Plan. 


Wyvern Rating

Wyvern has two different rating levels:

  • Registered Operator- This beginner program is granted to any operator who provides Wyvern with their records. Wyvern makes these records available to their clients to review and make sure the operator meets certain standards. These operators have not been audited by Wyvern. 
  • Wingman- This rating is much harder to receive. Operators at this level must follow specific methods that reflect the latest and best safety practices. The Wyvern Wingman is only received by aircraft operators who have been audited against Wyvern’s audit standard.


The Argus and Wyvern ratings have many different components to them, but you should always make sure that the operator that you are flying with has been certified with one of these ratings. If they are not, you should find a different operator to fly with. 


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