You may have noticed our company motto prominantly displayed on our home page.  "Teaming together to meet our customers commitments!" is our philosophy and our mission.  

From a major 3PL...  

During the past three year's Grand Aire has been one of the main air charter companies we have used for air chartering freight to ****** Corporation. Our responsibility is to move inbound raw material to 16 plants throughout the US and Mexico. ****

From a leading auto parts supplier....  

Since 1991, Grand Aire has flown thousands of time-critical shipments throughout North America for *****.                        

From a recent FBO customer.....  

"I was unable to park on the Grand Aire ramp due to the military nature of my aircraft; they came to me all the way across the airport to service my jet and had a car waiting where I parked the jet.  Amazing service!"

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